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Bhoramdeo Jungle Retreat – A Tale of True Endeavour and Love

One fine morning, when I checked our Telloway mailbox, I saw an interesting mail pop up. More so, because the sender’s name was much familiar Read More »Bhoramdeo Jungle Retreat - A Tale of True Endeavour and Love

Satisfaction is Temporary | Priyank Patel, Founder of Nukkad, The Teafé | Telloway Guest Story

Life changing story of Priyank Patel, who dared to move on from regular life to find satisfaction and took a step forward to bring inclusion in the … Read More »Satisfaction is Temporary | Priyank Patel, Founder of Nukkad, The Teafé | Telloway Guest Story

Meet Naaz

Initially, I used to talk, walk, dress-up and do makeup like girls do. When I went to school, boys used to tease me, beat me and call me a chhakka … Read More »Meet Naaz

Bouncing Back | From bullying in school to making her mark in the world

I don’t remember the first time I realised I was different. But I do remember how those differences made me feel. Broken. Unlovable. Worthless… Read More »Bouncing Back | From bullying in school to making her mark in the world

Why not a MoFa name ?

13th October 2014, when Hudhud cyclone struck the boundaries of some states of India, she (my daughter) came to my life, after enduring the unbearable … Read More »Why not a MoFa name ?

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It is astonishing how time flies. I still remember how I always used to lose public speaking competitions. But thanks to these losses, that I’ve been able to have a ...
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Dare to Dream, Siddharth Roy - Telloway

Dare to Dream | By Siddharth Roy | Author-“The Special Fish”

Most of the pieces written by me have been penned down during my classes. Strange isn’t it? But the fact is that my first book ‘The Special Fish’ was majorly ...
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The Myth of Failure | Dinesh Chandwani – Founder of The Walnut School of Ideas | Author of, EMEG – A Face Off with Fear | Telloway Guest Article

To be honest, I was late to realize that engineering was not my cup of tea or that I hardly enjoyed learning those subjects. The problem was, I happened to ...
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Why Write ? by Jon Lupin | The Poetry Bandit

People often ask me, “Why do you write?” and though, in their minds, they have already crafted my answer, my response usually shocks or worries them. “So that I never ...
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Because I was a girl

I was a very flamboyant and a lively child. I’d play outside with friends from the start to the end of the day, lost within countless hours. I was 11 ...
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