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About Telloway

We're not just a magazine but an opportunity. Telloway is an online youth magazine, with an idea to connect to the young hearts throughout the world and give them such a platform where stories, ideas, and experiences with the potential to move young minds and churn their hearts, would get space. Any story is not big, or small, it's just the impact that it has made in one's life that decides its significance.

The youth today is already aware of things, but all we need to do is to inspire them to be able to stand up and voice their opinions and act on their plans and just be a little more sensitive towards nature. There are so many things that we hope the youth finds an apt platform to express. After all, this young and lost generation needs such a space. We want to do just that.

Since we're an initiative that can bring out concerns of the youth and can help them learn from each other's life incidents and stories, we invite all young hearts across the globe, to share their own life experiences or ideas that could bring a new perspective to light


Team Telloway

“Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success.”

Bhavna Dubey

Founder | Editor-in-Chief

She's the one who first came up with the vision of Telloway. She also works as a Software Engineer for one of the leading Multinational Companies. Literature and poetry can move mountains for her. She loves writing poems and blogs in her leisure. When she's up for a task, she makes sure she does it with all her might. It wouldn't be wrong to call her a curious, zealous and compassionate personality. She's recently been awarded as "Miss Divine Thoughts" in the State Finale (Chhattisgarh) of Miss India Khadi. She's worked for some national as well as international events, and has also been the Chief Editor of their college magazine. She aspires to add value to other's lives by doing her bit towards the society. At other times, you could find her working on her laptop, editing the best out of all stories that we got, or planning the next move for Telloway.


Ayushi Ranjan

Co-Founder | Creative Head

She’s an artistic soul, the one behind the designing of all the wonderful creatives that we use on all our social platforms. She's currently working as a Software Engineer in a leading MNC. Being an ambivert by nature, she can totally balance cherishing her solitude, as well as socializing in the apt moments. She's got a keen eye for social taboos and orthodox social traditions, and she always tries to bring it forth to create awareness and substantial reformation. She’s dedicated towards her work and intellectual talks are one of her favorite pastimes. She’s much passionate about designing and has worked as the Lead Designer for their college magazine. She has also worked for an international event and has managed it as the Creative Head. She can be unpredictable and mysterious at times, but at the end, she’s someone you can surely rely upon.


Neeraj Prem Verma

Co-Founder | Technical Head

Neeraj is a hardcore techie, a Computer Science graduate, a DevOps Engineer by profession; in short - a GEEK, who comes with more than six years of experience from a variety of IT industries like Gaming, Data Monetisation, Web Hosting & VAS. Neeraj has built the Telloway platform from scratch and he is the key person behind all technical aspects and rapid site improvement. Neeraj always works as a catalyst for the team, by adding a pinch of experience with raw and creative ideas. In free time, Neeraj can be found behind his camera, in front of books, or trying some recipe in the kitchen. Some of his uncanny interests include watching documentaries about snakes and aquatic life and sometimes undertaking geeky experiments out of curiosity. He also mentors a lot of newbies in the areas of technology that he excels. Feel free to reach him if you like to talk and share about technology.


Himanshu Verma

Official Photographer

Himanshu is an avid traveler, a self-taught photographer who has a major inclination towards street and landscape photography. He holds a bachelor’s degree in Metallurgical Engineering from NIT Raipur and currently works at Bhilai Steel Plant. He’d create a universe of his own through his lenses, and his passion for photography is the reason he never lets his profession steal away his creativity. In his leisure, he likes to watch documentaries, write articles, and keeps on learning about the advancements in photo manipulation and photo journalism. He keeps on collaborating for various photography projects, whenever he gets his day off at work. Have a look at some of his marvellous collections and you’d know how this curious head functions.

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