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Books always offer a shoulder to cry on.. Even if there's a risk of the papers getting wet. - Garima Sharma .    Philosophy changes... Time to time... Mood to mood... Aukat to aukat! - Utkarsh Dhurandhar .    Fuel your mind.. Ignite your spirit - Aishwarya Nandedkar .    One might not be but Silence portrays the intense outlook of ego. - Harshpreet Kour .    And no quote can truly sum up life... better than life itself. - Parag Hedawoo .    As long as I wake up tomorrow, I know there will be no sorrow. As long as I breath until sunset, I know there will be no regret. - Sajid Sheikh .    After leaving the world you won't be able to remember anything so Live a life others may remember even after you are gone. - Bhoj Kumar .    When all the chaos of the world seemed to have stopped, that's when her storm began. - Shrutika Sawle .    मेरे पासबाँ की इनायत भी देखो, क्या काम कर गयीं । मैं क़हर बरसाती गयी, वो मरासिम बनाती गयी । - Sana Khan .

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10th February 2021

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