Trust Love, It Never Defies

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[dropcap]T[/dropcap]hose were the days of my youth when I was twenty-five. My days were not like any typical girl. It was way more difficult and challenging than one could imagine, at least from my perspective, since I fell in love, back then, when even talking about love was looked down upon. It ain’t that love didn’t exist, but in a society like ours, it was not very common for a girl to openly discuss her emotions and choose a life partner on her own.

Love is such a strong feeling that encompasses every other feeling of yours, helping you to be motivated to tackle literally every problem of life, either big or small. All because your life partner is always there, holding your hands, and just knowing that someone’s there for you keeps you up and ahead.

Yes, I loved a man. A man with whom I wanted to spend the rest of my life, and today, am doing just that. A guy who perfectly understands me, and more importantly, a guy who loves me a lot, he’s the man I would ever ask for. I asked Shahid one day if he would be happy together even without our parents’ blessings. He answered in the simplest way he could. He told me he wasn’t sure about that, but that he was pretty sure we could not live without each other too. And I too absolutely agreed on that. We had a court marriage and lived with our families, without letting anyone know that we were now life partners forever. We were not financially settled, so we had decided to do that. For six long months, it was a bizarre situation, and a nightmare too long to handle, that it could be called as the most difficult time of our lives. But, now MY life had become, OURS, and we decided to stride over this time patiently. Meanwhile, Shahid had joined the course of CDAC (Centre for Development of Advanced Computing) and started preparing for it. My man was doing literal hard work at that time, and our love kept him boosted all the time. He cleared the exams and got a job of merely ten thousand rupees, perhaps not the perfect amount we wanted, but I still insisted him on starting to live together. We would manage and learn to adjust, that’s what I told him. Delhi, yes this was the place we knocked first. I had to leave my parents. It was not like I never tried to convince them, neither that I never loved them much. I did it all, even more than I could ever express. But I could still never become a daughter they could be proud of.

Seventeen years have passed now, and they are still against me. But actually, it’s never been their fault. What our society of UP Brahmins taught us is, the more the girl is educated and independent in terms of having a good job, the more will be a load of dowry. I am strictly against this. A single voice raised for justice is not enough for the fight, maybe that’s why I am secluded from that society. But anyways, I am happy now, a lot more because I married the man of my dreams, the man who I love a lot. We have a son, and we both try to keep him away from all these shackles of the society. His life is what he decides to make it like. He might fail at times, but that is going to teach him how to become successful, and at least he will not state us responsible for decisions we didn’t let him take, for his entire life. My husband Shahid is now a project manager at TCS, I am a professor at RCET Bhilai. We live our dream life together.

By –

Professor Suman Pandey
Rungta College (R1) Bhilai Raipur

30 thoughts on “Trust Love, It Never Defies”

  1. Dr. Richa Sharma

    Wonderful story dear ❤️?
    i have read many love stories .. but in my opinion your story is more realistic. Honestly you expressed what you felt!!
    only Few girls have courage like you particulary in UP n similar area. May god bless you and your family. i wish with the passing time your parents accept your divine love that converted into beutiful relation.
    Keep writing ?
    With ❤️

  2. Anshika giri

    Wonderful story mam..❤️
    Thanks for sharing your beautiful relation?
    And it’s inspiring too?

  3. Aysha Yasmine

    It’s simply amazing story mam❤
    Thanks for sharing such an inspirational story with us mam??

  4. Mam your story is so inspirational and realistic.specially for a girl from’s so challenging and difficult..???

  5. Aaditya sharma

    It is never easy to tell your own story to everyone which have many emotions …True luv does not see religion….its just s matter of two hearts… #Inspirational story mam?#

  6. Bikash Thapa Magar

    Most beautiful and inspirational story.You are a warrior mam.Thank you for bringing humanity and true love to this world.It was most important and Beautiful decision of life.Change is not a thing that happens overnight.It takes time.You are and will be inspiration for many true lover and will be remembered.God bless you with everything you wish.Trust love,It Never Defies.
    Your’s Student
    Bikash Thapa Magar
    2014 batch.
    G section.

  7. Abhishek Tiwari

    Such a inspirational story …..
    A real life story ….proud to be student of such a great teacher…..really inspiring story…..

  8. Anjali Shukla

    Mam even I can understand because I also belong to a Brahmin family nd how much they r strict in marriage things.But u r really lucky that u got married to the man u loved nd u r living ur dreams with ur dream man. Your story is really heart touching mam and I am really happy to see this that true love still exists. U r a grt teacher as well as a good friend to all of us specially we the backbenchers. Always stay happy mam nd keep smiling…….❤❤❤

  9. Chandra Shekhar

    Thank you for setting up an example, this world needs more of it where we are literally divided by castes and creed. Love knows no bounds. It’s our mentality that engulfs us and we shift the blame on certain creeds. May your family be blessed with happiness and prosperity, and thank you for sharing your experience, which I believe, will empower many others to follow their heart.

  10. DhanRaj Dewangan

    A true love story that touched my heart
    Really very inspiring story…. for me… And also for all… who doesn’t love
    I wish u a loving and caring relationship mam


    One of the best real life love story. Mam you are an example for all girls. There must be such type of girl in every society who can express their gut feeling to their parent and to the society, then only our society can overcome over the curse of dowry system. Hats off mam. May be you know me or might have been forgotten. I am one of your student from Mechanical Engineering 2007-11 batch, RCET Bhilai.

  12. Bipin Kumar Yadav

    I honestly told you that I doesn’t want to read your story but after read this …. apke liye respect bhot jyada badh chuki ……it’s not just love story but its a inspirational story too….after read this I can say the pain which we take to make our future …will become the happyness for yourself and inspiration for the other ………god bless mam for your rest of life …be happy ….and you are one of the best proffecer…jisne ajtak mujhe padhaya hai …….from my point of view ….you are the proffecer who taught us lessons of the life is great more than who taught us the lesson of subjects

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