The Devil’s Basement – A Must Read Anonymous Poetry

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The author shares a chilling narrative of an incident from her life, when she was five. She wants the girls to know that they’re not alone, through this piece of her.


Every morning she was lured down the stairs of hell gripping her aching scars and bleeding wrists
He greeted her at the door with an eager grin
She was a child forced to be a woman too early
As she undressed he hid the pictures of his daughters from sight
He pinned her arms back and pulled her knees apart
His malicious intentions became printed on her adolescent skin
She questioned her worth over and over again
Her body tense and trapped underneath his violation
She stared at the clock that hung above the fireplace, counting the still seconds
She was just a child too scared of the demon that lurked in the basement
He took away her humanity and forced her to sin
She was confined to nightmare still wide awake
He patted her head at the end and whispered into her little ears
“Don’t tell mommy, you are my little gift”


Author (Anonymous) –

Poet of the wild

British Columbia, Canada

9 thoughts on “The Devil’s Basement – A Must Read Anonymous Poetry”

  1. I think it was so so brave for u to come out and tell ur story. Beautifully put, beautiful words, its an inspiring story. Im sorry u had 2 go thru so much pain. I love how you put it all together. Very very truly inspiring. Keep it up.

  2. Suman Pandey

    I cannot explain it by words…tears in my eyes telling it how much it touched my heart..

  3. Sad but pervasive evil which exists in the society and can only be cured by spreading awareness to good and bad touch ! Beautifully written poem !!

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