Decays – A Picture Narrative

“In history as in nature, decay is the laboratory of life.


Most beautiful things in the world will have to decay and crumble to dust. Decaying is as important and inevitable as life or death. There’s a sense of insecurity, lack of love and desirability attached to everything that grows old, unnoticed and miserable. That’s the cycle of nature. The real challenge is, however, to accept and embrace the change.  There’s no point avoiding the phase as it comes when it has to, however glorified your juvenility might be. From each remnant of decay, some forms of life arise, and all forms of life are a piece of art, nature being the masterpiece and nature being the artist too! We give nature its lightest and the darkest shades, and we still say, we’re scared of decay.


It’s aptly said that we’re all in a constant state of decay. Not just physically, we decay mentally too. Every day becomes a history for us just another day and we leave behind what has decayed. But the ruins take time like the memories dwindle slowly. And we see the decay progress to one day remain with only those traces of the history. Nature makes space for brand new memories and experiences, and all we need is to trust the cycle of nature.


After all, Rumi says “Where there is ruin, there is hope for treasure”.



Photography : Himanshu Verma

Content : Bhavna Dubey

2 thoughts on “Decays – A Picture Narrative”

  1. Well these pictures make me think of the beautiful moon, even though there are lots of black spots on it still it looks beautiful in its own way,

    This is how human nature should be, one may come across many ups and downs,but we should never forget that nothing remains forever, once we achieve something in life, these black spots ( our failures) also start looking beautiful to others

  2. I see the uniqueness your taught processing has for you have chosen Decay as the topic! Well done?

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