Sometimes The Moon Is All I Have | By Kuhoo Singh | Telloway Poetry

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Oh magnificent moon
I know about myself
But who are you longing for
That you stay awake all night
Providing companionship to all lost souls
Did someone hurt you
That your mind is not able to switch itself off to fall asleep
Did someone die
Who just left -leaving a heap of ashes
You know all my soliloquy
And you are a great secret keeper
I wish I could marry you
Wear that veil
Walk on the red velvet
With clouds walking me down the aisle
And be the star nearest to you
We have almost the same story
Nobody understood what we went through
That sleep turned his face away
And never looked back
I am not a great beauty
But what about you
You mesmerize everyone with just a glimpse of you
And through your waxing and waning
I could comprehend your confusion and longing
Oh handsome moon
Just don’t leave my side
For I have left everyone who pretended to be mine
When I look at you I see the scars of the lost battles
I too have them
But we survived
All night when the stars lit up my room
I sat by myself adoring you
Because you are the only friend for the lonesome to talk to




Author – Kuhoo Singh



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