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M.B. Victoria spreads some light on Human Trafficking through this piece of her

When you’re tired of hearing 
that “it’s a pity you had to go through it,”
“no one should ever experience that,”
and “no wonder you’re all bottled up”
I am here to remind you 
that yes, this is all true, but also that
you hold the strength of a thousand warriors,
the heart of all the saints,
and the will to survive of a bird
about to take flight from its nest.
I am here to apologize
for the world that can be so cruel,
for some people who are built up from death,
and for all the terrors you have felt.
I am here to tell you
that the Earth does house beauty,
that there are kind and gentle people,
and that you must allow yourself
to seek hope and freedom
because I promise you, it exists.
Finally, I am here to thank you
for being so filled with life
because you are proof that out of extreme darkness
can emerge an incredibly bright light.

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M.B. Victoria 

  1. Sherry Marr

    Wow! These are words that every survivor needs to hear. Magnificent, wise, compassionate and empowering. I especially love “you hold the strength of a thousand warriors.” Wonderful! I love your photo too.

  2. hypercryptical

    What a wonderful positive write and yes, the world is full of kind and gentle people – if only we had a louder voice…
    Anna :o]

  3. Beverly Crawford

    In light of the present USA Gymnastics scandal, these words were never truer. Seeing those young women find their power has been an inspiring experience. Beautiful write!

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