Hope is a creature of so little and so much

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Shalini Singh portrays through her poetry that hope is the quintessential essense of human survival



Hope is not a lost art
It never was
Survival thrives on the defunct faith of surviving,
against all odds
A flicker of uncertainty in deprived conditions
Magic is unearthed where mortality weakens
Doesn’t that make hope a thing of magic
A wandless creature in pursuit of faith and peace
Unrest in the heart,
even with the shackles brandishing
Skin on iron
Mind palpable with doubts and prayers
Positivity in drains
With every minute the hope becomes hopeless
Yet hope is that being which hangs on
And firsts don’t count
The lasting nature of hope is such
The first is forgotten and there is no such thing as last hope
Hope is the thinnest straw and the diamond in the rough
Hope is the black man wishing for white rights
Hope smiles in saints and sinners alike
Tis‘ but a joyless journey of strength and fight
Weaker the hope better the rewards
Cause you hope much and so much to lose
Hope is where you begin and where you end
With none other than bleak hindsight


Author  –

Shalini Singh,

Delhi, India


16 thoughts on “Hope is a creature of so little and so much”

  1. Very inspiring write. I like “hope is the thinnest straw and diamond in the rough.” So much to contemplate. Welcome to Poets United. Hope you will enjoy our site.

  2. So lovely to meet you here. We have other members from Delhi, and across India. Hope you keep coming back. I read your wise commentary on hope twice. I agree, hope is necessary, perhaps more now than ever. The lines that struck me most were the black man hoping for white man’s rights. After all these years, this is very discouraging to me.

  3. Thank you for your lovely poem. We do need hope to survive these difficult times. But I suppose times have always had their challenges and hope is what created survivors. You wrote a very thought provoking and beautiful poem.

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