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This is a fragment of author’s heartfelt letter to her late aunt after she passed away. Author has shared it in the form of a Letter-Poem and Spoken Word Poetry with Telloway. For more lively experience we recommend you to listen to her Spoken Word Poetry below.


It’s like that quote

From that stupid romance drama

One day, I just elude myself into living

As if you were still here

And you’re just miles away, sitting on your back porch

I don’t think I’ll ever be able to reach there

And see for myself, the gone-ness

Probably why my friend can’t make herself go to the Paisley Park

She can’t deal with it either

I stupidly told her that place feels like a crime scene, how still it is

Like I broke in, and was goanna rob the place

Like I wasn’t supposed to be there

Like an overwhelming feel of death

And then just ashes, sitting in the middle of the room

Everything left, even with the dust in place

As it had been, before said death occurred, notes lying out

It made me sick you know

How death was capitalized there

Like someone’s personal life was just another attraction, a profit

Could I care less about this man’s routine?

No! And I still heard about it anyway

Where he sat, where he ate, where he conducted business, all just crap

It’s probably why I could hardly walk into my old house I’d been kicked out of

I hardly did, maybe three times since before it sold

It was too much, how my life there had been taken from me

All my dolls, random toys I’d concocted ridiculous imagined adventures with

My swing set I’d spin around for hours

It had the same feel as a haunted house, or an abandoned city

Life that had been there, but ripped away so suddenly, it still lingered from the shock

My therapist talks about being able to take energy from people, places

I guess you can say I do too

When to welcome it, when to avoid it

I seem to choose to avoid it


     scarlettroses | Minnesota, USA

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